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Metal Framing Services

Metal Framing

Professional Metal
Framing Services

At APD Contracting, we excel in providing top-notch light gauge metal framing services that set the foundation for structural integrity and exceptional aesthetics.

See below our wide variety of interior painting offerings:

Quality and Expertise

At APD Contracting, we prioritize exceptional quality in every residential project. With years of experience and strong partnerships with local paint vendors, we handpick high-quality materials that deliver stunning, durable, and long-lasting results. Your investment is protected for years to come.

Benefit from Our Metal Framing Services

Choose APD Contracting for exceptional light gauge metal framing services. Our expert team ensures structural integrity and exceptional aesthetics.

Quality and Expertise

With comprehensive framing solutions, expertise in wall and ceiling framing, suspended ceiling systems, specialized shaft wall systems, and meticulous application of acoustical sealant, we deliver high-quality results. 

Our commitment to using top-tier materials guarantees durability and protection for your investment. Trust APD Contracting for reliable, precise, and visually appealing metal framing solutions.

Metal Framing services FAQ's

We are a team of experienced, dependable, and responsible individuals who excel in adhering to project timelines to ensure timely completion.

Our seasoned managers, who conduct weekly production meetings, possess the ability to devise effective solutions to address any issues.

Each crew holds weekly on-site meetings to guarantee the implementation of safety protocols.

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